Each year it is estimated that small businesses and startups lose $27B or $10,000 per employee. It is also estimated that small business owners and startup founders spend 25% of their time on HR related items. Time better spent taking care of their people, customers and building their business.

CavnessHR is saving small businesses and startups time and money with our HR platform and by providing a dedicated HR Business Partner.

Sign up below for the waitlist to our beta testing for the CavnessHR platform. By signing up to our beta testing you will receive 3 months free and after that be locked into our beta pricing forever.

Our current beta pricing is:

1-10 people $200 per month

11-19 people $300 per month

20-34 people $400 per month

35-49 people $500 per month

REFERRAL BONUS - For each company you refer that signs up for the waitlist, you will receive one free month of HR in addition to the above.

You will also recieve additional perks if you are associated with any of the following organizations:

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Bunker Labs

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NYU Veterans Labs

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